Thursday, May 24, 2007


Josh Hancock, a pitcher for the St Lous Cardinals, was killed in a vehicle accident. The following was determined by law enforcement.

1) Hancock was speeding
2) He was not wearing a seat belt
3) He was using his cell phone
4) He was intoxicated
5) There was marijuana in his vehicle

Hancock ran his vehicle into a tow truck that was attending to a car that was stalled after spinning out to avoid an accident when the driver was cut off by another vehicle.

Hancock's father has now filed a law suit regarding his son's death.

Among the defendants named, are the driver of the stalled vehicle, and the driver of the tow truck. It is clear to Mr. Hancock that THEY are partially responsible for his son's death.

...I hate idiots.
Well duh it sounds like that to me too.
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