Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Playing the Crosby Nash CD on my tunes because I'm old

So now search for "To The Last Whale: Critical Mass" to hear a beautiful pro enviroment song that was created before you were born.

Did all the U.S. payday shopping yesterday and you'll be proud of me for telling you that I didn't get angry at somebody for discovering AT THE BORDER that she had forgotten her green card. Minor delay before breakfast at Denny's. Post Office, Bank, Costco, Money transfer place, JC Penney, Target, Grocery, Pizza place, back across the border.

All in just under 9 hours!!

I found a DVD that I snatched off the shelf with cat like reflexes. I say cat LIKE because I was quicker than any damned cat. It's the complete, unedited collection of Droopy cartoons. TOLD YOU I was old. Laughed until I choked for air watching the first disc. Google Droopy images if you don't know who/what I'm talking about and in the middle of all those old tit pictures you should see a funny looking basset hound, That's him.

This morning I awoke to the remembering of a doctor's appt that we forgot about yesterday as well as the doorbell of the first baby being dropped off. Four babies in the house today. That means one four letter word for yours truly.


I know Droopy!! I once had a fish that I named after him!
you are not old. silly boy.
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