Sunday, May 20, 2007

one one three eight

I don't put much trust in people because they always let you down and I can say this because I'm a people and I've let people down. Consistency is a hard row to hoe. I've even had people I detested do more for me than some I've considered friends. I leave shaking my head. I still carry a little hope for mankind that the biggest failure cannot destroy. Maybe I'm a fool or maybe it just feels good to be right sometimes.

I'm exausted and in need of sleep.

I had a great chat with JaG. She's going to be here in July while I'm somewhere else. Damn. But maybe next spring I will be there while she's there too and it will be tons of fun. She promises to keep me out of trouble. Because I asked her to. And she said she would. And she's true people.

My mother wants to travel to Amsterdam very badly and she wants me to take her so she's comfortable. My mother and I are very much alike and it would mean a lot to both of us. Who knows, maybe London too. Then the train to Amsterdam. I've always wanted to go to The Netherlands and put flowers on the grave of an uncle who escaped a POW camp only to be recaptured and then murdered by the nazis.

This post is all over the place isn't it.

Told you I was exausted.

I am true people? Awww... Thanks!
Exhausted, but fabulous.

Fly to London and then take the Eurostar to Brussels. Change trains, go to Amsterdam. Fabulous.
Thanks Minge! I told JaG mom wanted to sepnd two weeks in Amsterdam and she said we couls dee all of Europe in two weeks!

We'll have to check our trip budget and find inexpensive hotels.
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