Wednesday, May 23, 2007

mil ciento cuarentayuno

I listen to a killer online radio station out of Chicago. WXRT, the "new music" radio station. No commercials. No stupid morning show. Only the occasional station ID notice. AWESOME tunes. That trouble is I have no way of finding out the artist or the name of the song. Probably saves my a lot of money though.

It turns out that we didn't forget the doctor's appt the other day. They called to change the date and the wife didn't tell me. It's our travel consult so we get to do the hepatitus shots and take the typhoid pills and get the pills that stop the rapid exit of..... you know.

I get up for work early so I have about 20-30 minutes in front of the TV news while enjoying a can of coke.

So this morning they show a new National Geographic book of photographs taken.......with cell phones. It was all I could do to not throw my coke at the TV. They show some of the shots and I could tell right away that there was some photoshopping done. It's not had to tell that stuff. The photographer was interviewed and of course they talked about stuff that most people don't think of. Adjusting exposure on a cell phone and, lenses, and a few other things.

I, because I'm a smart guy, was asking what cell phone did he use? Turns out it was a $350 Nokia. It was funny to hear that because a minute earlier the gal with him stated that cell phones were going to replace point and shoots. Of course then she pipes up that "you" can get phones at a discount along with a plan from one of the companies.

Then they showed some cell phone shots from CBS employees and asked what they could have done to make them better. The photos just sucked quality wise. The photog didn't say that of course. He just mentioned how cute the little girl was and to maybe adjust the exposure as the guy who took the shot, if he was listening, went HUH?

Somehow I don't see the world turning in all cameras for cell phones. Rest easy Canon, Nikon, Kodak, Pentax, and Sony.

Coke in the morning? Eww!
If they make SLR camera phones... Well wouldn't they look like those brick phones from the 80's???

*shudders* I like my camera phone for the rare picture, but it's not going to give me a picture I'd want to frame.
Yeah, I don't think cell phones will compete any time soon.
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