Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I'm radioactive baby!

I went for my nuclear treadmill test today. No caffeine for 24 hours prior. I was watching the clock yesterday morning as I drank that can of coke. So I got up early and blew by the border and down to Bellingham. I walked in the office. Receptionist, cute. I was called into another office. Assistant, cute. She stuck a needle in me and pumped in some glow juice and took my blood pressure. Normal. Back out to the first office for 20 minutes. The assistant called me again and it was picture time. I lied down on a narrow table while a big round apparatus was adjusted over me. Assistant: "Please try to remain still. This will take about 15 minutes". Me: "I'll probably fall asleep". Assistant: "That will be fine". Me: "ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz". About 15 minutes later I was awoken and told that it was all done.

Back to the waiting room for a bit. The assistant called me back into the office. Blood pressure. Normal. Shirt off, electrodes attached, wires hooked up. The doctor came in. Red hair, attractive. She explained the treadmill while wires hung from my chest to the device wrapped around my gut. Oh yeah, I could tell she wanted me.

Up on the treadmill for six minutes. That's how long it took to get my heart rate up to where they wanted it. Legs were tired because I played golf yesterday but chest felt fine. Winded but chest felt fine. With one minute left they gave me more glow juice. The doctor told me everything looked pretty good. Back into the camera room. Assistant: "This won't take as long as the last time". Me: "ZZZzzzzzzzz".

I left, after hearing pretty good news, feeling like a 24 year-old.

So I punched her number into my cell phone. Sadly she was in Las Vegas with another client. So I went to lunch at The Olive Garden and then to Target to get some memory cards I had a rain check for. Good news!!

Coke was on sale!!

The BEST part about all of this is that I am radioactive. I work with a bunch of guys who walk around with sensors that look for the boogie man and nuclear material. According to the assistant I will set those sensors off for about a week. It's gonna be a FUN week. I can't wait.

I'm jealous, my doctors are always old with cold hands, grim looks, and airs of too tired, too overworked, too bitter to be in a service industry. They remind me of the good folks at McDonalds... only richer.
I'm just glad you're OK!
Sounds like it was a busy day but you got SOME rest, eh?

Good to see everything is fine. :)
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