Friday, May 11, 2007

I gotta tell ya boys and girls, I like this new look. Nice and clean. Minimalist. Relaxing.

I just plain got tired of looking at the old thing. So I trimmed it down. Lost the boy. Of course he's still inside me always. The curious boy who pushes me to and fro and lets me smile at the pretty girls and blush when caught.

Sure, maybe some things aren't fair but sometimes I just have to be selfish.

I do my share of giving, donating, buying. I do it all with open heart and I need to keep some for me.

I need to switch it up sometimes.

God knows I have enough routine in my life. We all do. That's why I play the lottery. That's why I day dream.

That's why I change the blog.

Yeah, and you're right too. I just changed mine again.
All I'm saying is, the art of feng-shui died as a fad years ago.


But I do like the new layout, it just surprised me at first.
It's not being TOO selfish, now. :)

It's good to have a simple start to build off of. If only I wasn't so attatched to my layout I could do the same.
zona i like the white look. xx
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