Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Golf is always good

My legs are tight and tired. It was a magnificent day. I hit the ball decent and was happy with my game. My grandaughter is sick. Cough and sneeze sick. She's still alert and playfull but gets frustrated and cranky. Typical woman.

So now I'm lounging in my shorts and sandals. Watching TV while both grandkids play with noisy toys. That's what they get paid to do at this age so there's nothig much to do about it.

Almost 8PM. The finale of The Big Break (golf) is almost over. Then it's bed time and hoping no asshole decides to mow a lawn in the neighborhood.

Damn morning lawnmowers. Damn them all to hell.
Ahhhhh, the "four" comment you left me makes sense now... you had golf on the brain. =)
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