Thursday, May 24, 2007

Forgive me, it's political thought of the week time.

A company named DynCorp is looking for a few good men. A few good Border Patrol men. As you might guess by the name, one of the duties of the U.S. Border Patrol is the detection of human trafficking and those profitting from this crime. DynCorp has a U.S. Government contract to train the Iraqi border police. DynCorp is attempting to recruit current Border Patrol Agents to work one year contracts for the company in Iraq. They are offering $132.000 for the year as well as a $25,000 signing bonus.

DynCorp had a contract in Bosnia to train law enforcement there. A DynCorp employee in Bosnia went to company management when she discovered that several of her coworkers were frequenting brothels where women were forced into prostitution against their will.

She was fired by DynCorp.

Later another employee reported to DynCorp management that several of his coworkers had actually PURCHASED women from the brothels. DynCorp employees in Bosnia to TRAIN LAW ENFORCEMENT personnel had given money and "taken ownership" of other human beings!

He was fired by DynCorp.

Eventually a number of DynCorp employees were fired for their roles in supporting the trafficking of human beings in Bosnia. NONE were prosecuted for their crimes. They were not subject to prosecution due to treaties under which DynCorp and other private contractors operate internationally. I am ashamed to say that my government continues to grant contracts to companies like DynCorp. Companies who then operate with complete disregard for holding employees subject to established laws in the countries where they operate. Laws, in this case, relating to rape, false imprisonment, slavery, and human trafficking.

The two employees who were fired by DynCorp in Bosnia sued under whistle blowing laws. Both won their cases

That's disgusting.
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