Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Entertainment News

Talked to my son on the phone this afternoon. He and The Johnsons will be playing at the Warped Tour in Vancouver and Calgary. They'll be playing one of the side stages.

I looked up who's coming with the tour to Vancouver this year. Nobody who I was overly impressed with. I took the same son and my nephew to see the Warped Tour in Calgary back in 2000. We were treated to bands like The Donnas and Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Green Day and Anti Flag and NOFX and Gob.

I'm hoping that a connection here will be able to get me a camera pass for the show which is July 3rd. (two days before the Bolivia trip) Of course Stephen Stills plays Vancouver the night before we leave. That's still really tempting.


I just found out that my fave Bolivian musician, Grillo Villegas, will be playing two concerts while I'm in La Paz. I hope I can find a way to get tix!

Congrats to your son for his gig!

Umm... Ya *don't* like the bands you mentioned or did I just misread that?
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