Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Big List

September 2008 I leave Canada and return th the U.S. to work. Before then I will submit a list of five places where I wish to work. Here is the list as it stands today in order of preference.

Tucson, Arizona

It's home. Where I was born and raised. I'm pretty fond of the place. It's a pretty difficult place to get to if you're in my line of work. Small office. Considered to be a garden spot where many many people want to go. A "retirement" station. I know I would probably retire there. One minus is there's probably not much overtime. Overtime is considered gravy in what I do.

Naco, Arizona

Small, quaint, mellow place with a pretty decent golf course down the road. I'd live in Sierra Vista (20 minute drive). Tucson is 45 minutes from Sierra Vista.

Salt Lake City, Utah

I already KNOW what you're saying. For some reason my daughters want to go here and I think it would work out great for both of them. Probably all the kids for that matter. Salt Lake is one HUGE metropolitan center from Ogden to Provo now. I LOVE the Southern Utah/Northern Arizona area so I would be happy there. Calgary is just a day's drive with Montana in between. Not a real big office. The one big minus is that I would really like to kiss winter good bye. Forever.

Alberquerque, New Mexico

Northern New Mexico needs no explaining. It's probably as hard a nut to crack as Tucson is though.

Charleston, South Carolina

The South. The DEFINITION of the South. A spectacular city with enough golf to keep me busy the rest of my days. A small office and the threat of hurricanes. The last one to hit Charleston head on was Hugo in 1982. Wanna see Charleston? Watch Prince Of Tides. I lived in Charleston for four months back in 1996. Time of my life.

What you don't like winter. It's the best part of Canada. Ha
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