Friday, May 04, 2007

Been tagged by Minge to post my top 20 fave movies.

Random order:

20. The Joy Luck Club
19. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
18. Saving Private Ryan
17. It's a Mad Mad Mad World
16. Crash
15. Being There
14. Sid and Nancy
13. A Tale of Two Cities (the old made for TV version)
12. Chariots of Fire
11. True Romance
10. The Big Lebowski
09. Miller's Crossing
08. Raising Arizona
07. Three Days of the Condor
06. Cool Hand Luke
05. Stalag 17
04. The Shawshank Redemption
03. Ben Hur
02. The Motorcycle Diaries
01. Grease

I know Grease surprises some of you. Sid and Nancy has the best death scene (his) ever.

I met one of the actresses from Joy Luck Club and she was amazed when I told her that a scene she was in makes me cry every time. She was the girl married to the real loser architect dude and her mother told her to leave him.

"Losing him does not matter. It is YOU who will be found, and cherished."

Tears me up everytime.

Okay. Top 5 from the list:

Joy Luck Club
Motorcycle Diaries
Raising Arizona
Saving Private Ryan

Crash is very high on my list also.
That movie just gets to me. I make little whimpering sounds, little gasps, little exclamations...I find it impossible to sit through it in silence.

And Grease - who doesn't love grease?
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