Friday, April 27, 2007

Allie made a comment on a post and I replied. I don't know how many of you are like me and pop into comments to see what's been added and what's been responded too. So I'll save you the trouble and make a new post out of the comment and then expand on the thought.

You're welcome.

The comment was made on me mentioning that I have too many naked women thought fantasies. Being that I'm an average hetero male we can say that it makes up a good amount of time during my day.

Below is the comment and the response.

allie said...
Growing up I never would have thought of you as the man who has too many naked woman fantasies. Good job.

zona boy said...
ya see allie, a grown up doesn't share those inclinations with his high school aged daughter's high school aged female friends. just a rule I guess.

What is also interesting is the "Good job" part of the comment.

Now is it a good job that I HAVE the fantasies, or is it a good job that a high school aged girl friend of my daughter running through my house in her pijamas and c-cup blouse puppies was always comfortable?

Knowing Allie the way I's both.

I mean the girl posted a banana on her blog and referred to size.

Love you Allie.

wink wink

Now that some of you have picked yourselves off the floor I will tell you that Allie is my 23 year-old daughter's closest friend and is very special to our family.

So get your minds out of the gutter. It's already too crowded in here.
I'm actually blushing
hehehe c-cup blouse puppies... hehehe
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