Thursday, April 26, 2007


Crack top computer

I sit here relaxing with my legs crossed.

Watching Hockey Night In Canada.

Ottawa leads Jersey 2-0.

I feel Shaz smiling.

The TV is muted.

Because I am listening to Revelations by Audio Slave.

On iTunes.

On repeat.

While I blog.

I'm in heaven.

I don't deserve it.

Because I have way too many naked women thought fantasies.

Oh well.

I was smiling, until the 2nd period started and now I'm on the verge of panicking.
My brutha be so happy about Ottawa winning the whole thing. :)
Buffalo looks mighty tough
Buffalo can bite my brown ass.
Buffalo-San Jose final says I
I'm just happy you're having a good time.
Growing up I never would have thought of you as the man who has too many naked woman fantasies. Good job.
ya see allie, a grown up doesn't share those inclinations with his high school aged daughter's high school aged female friends. just a rule I guess
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