Saturday, March 03, 2007

So it's my day off and I awoke at 3:30AM with nary a hope of getting back to sleep. I hate to just lie in bed caught in between not wanting to awaken my wife and listening to her quiet snore until she shifts.

So I got up and went down stairs and put Babel in the DVD player. A friend lent it to me. A friend who is a movie nut and pretty much scared to give me any movie recommendations because I thought the last movie he lent me sucked and that The Departed sucked and he loved it. He's going to be happy when I return his movie and tell him that I loved it. What a great story beautifully presented.

Last night I popped down to the studio where the boys are in the last days of mixing Matthew Good's latest CD. I took dinner down for everybody. In honor of it being FRIDAY and LENT and me NOT being catholic I took steaks. Andrew grilled them for us.

Matt told me that he was supposed to have been going to Las Vegas next weekend to be a guest of his friend Dale Earnart Jr. at the NASCAR race but that he couldn't because of my "fucked up country". So I ask, how did we fuck up this time? Matt told me that his passport is expired so he can't get in because of the new law (that requires valid passports when flying into the U.S. and that took effect on Jan 23rd).

I told him that there is a 60 day "grace period" and that he would be able to travel without any problem. Then he asked if I was sure. "Dude!! This is ME talking. You'll be fine".


It was like Christmas morning and he was a 9 year-old after that moment. Matt prepared to make a flurry of phone calls and emails to line everything up but first he looked at me and asked, "Do you want to come"?


TWO 9 year-olds.

All I have to pay for is airfare. Everything else is taken care of.

Maybe that's why I can't sleep?

Later today I have to go into work (it's my day off) and ask/beg for the time off. Then I have to buy an iPOD nano so Matt can have his new CD put into it when the mixing is done.


Oh, rent/buy Babel.

4 and 1/2 fistfulls of popcorn.

Kick ass!! This country still doesn't want me leaving yet, and miss604 is in Victoria for a girls weekend. Need to get away soon....

Have fun, man! Take pics.
I are jealous. I wanna go see cars drive around circles for hours too.
I happened to way like The Departed, even though it made me flinch like 97 times when we saw it in the theatre.

I have Babel, and tried to watch it once, but the first part the dudes are talking ina language I don't understand and I wondered if it was supposed to have subtitles and then I got frustrated and turned it off. Yes, I am pathetic.
I'm not going to the race John. Work can't spare me.

I would have actually watched very little of the race shaz because I would have been shooting everything else involved.

One thing you are NOT Jay, is pathetic.
Like try to capture the perfect picture of a hick with a mustard stain on his wifebeater as he smiles just a wee bit when a car crashes?

(I'm being a stereotypical bitch, I know, sorrys)
sounds like somebody is shopping for a new boyfriend
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