Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Quick decision

My wife gets on a plane tomorrow for Bolivia. Her mother has been ailing for some time and is not improving so she's decided that the situation down there outweighs anything here.

Her sisters and an aunt have been taking care of her mother. The doctors have been saying that she's basically okay but in the last week she's been unable to eat and has lost four more pounds.

Right now the plan is for two weeks.

If I get the dreaded phone call I would fly out the next day to a place I love for a sad reason.

Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope for better health news.


My wife flew out this morning. Last night she called her sister to tell her she was coming. Her sister broke down in tears. My mother-in-law has been hospitalized with kidney problems.

Thinking of the Zona family! x
Sending you good thoughts.
Much love to you and the family ZB.
Thoughts and prayers....and good vibes....
thank you all. it means so much to us.
Thinking of you all, praying for good news.
I'm sorry Zona.
Many prayers and as much support as I can muster, Zona Boy. Good luck to you all.
thank you thank you
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