Sunday, March 25, 2007

Oruro. Part 2

The wife and I leave the house at the same time. She's off to church and I'm off to eat saltenas at my favorite saltena place on the planet. Those are our Sunday rituals.

After church she returns home and relaxes. After saltenas and various stops for conversation I pop into the radio station for my weekly jazz broadcast. Jazz Domingo has made me somewhat of a local celebrity beyond just being an american. From noon to two every Sunday I play selections from my personal collection and people here lap it up. I had an offer to do the show in La Paz and the guy was baffled at first when I asked why I would want to drive 6 hours round trip to La Paz every Sunday to play two hours of music on the radio.

It took a while but he finally figured out that I don't want to move to La Paz.

Glad you took the scenic route getting there.
Not to be totally dumb here: What's a saltina? Besides being better than church.
a saltena (sahl TAY nya) is a small beef or chicken popover. They're served in the morning hours.

I believe you can see what they look like at google images
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