Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My favorite winds

I miss the wind that used to send my kite flying above an empty lot of my youth
That lot's is full of apartments now
I miss the wind that blew in my face in an Altiplano neighborhood
It's still there and I long for those days
I miss the wind that brought in the summer thunderstorms around my birthday
I'm many candles gone from there

yep, he's lost the last marble
some time ago my friend. got a cigarette?
for you, sure
what brings you around?
same as you. boredom. here's my lighter
zippo's are so cool. If I smoked regular I'd have a zippo
yeah, disposables are for losers
I'm glad you dropped by. I needed the conversation and a smoke. The comments are pretty slim pickings these days
looks like Jay has dropped back by and that Shaz girl is pretty hot
They're both sweeties
ya know what MY favorite wind is?
Okay, I'll bite
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