Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Last week I listened to the complete Matthew Good CD Hospital Music in the mixing room of The Warehouse Studio. It's just plain amazing, boys and girls.

Want to know something even more cooler?

I'm listening to it now.

I have it on my iPod. (It's just been mixed and hasn't been mastered yet)

What's cooler to you? That I have a much anticipated CD, or that I have finally bought an iPod? (4 gig nano)

I have BOTH. Wicked cool.

I listen to it over and over and over and over.

Evil Zona wonders what hard core FEMALE fans of Matt's would do for a listen.

And if you're a computer hacker whiz superstar I can save you some time and effort. It's NOT on my hard drive.

The iTunes on this computer is controlled by my 16 year-old and believe me, his musical taste is crap.

"Evil Zona wonders what hard core FEMALE fans of Matt's would do for a listen."

What you mean like blow an emu while wearing only pink socks???
You know if more Matt Good fans read this they'd prolly be wanting to hunt you down. BUT NOT ME OF COURSE, I'm too sweet for that. :)
something like that Shaz.

good thing only about three people a day drop by Krista
What's your kid's taste like? Just how bad are we talking here...
I'm super anti-ipod. In fact, I still spit on my husband's, and hope it sinks in.
my son likes NOFX, antiflag kinda stuff along with some heavt metal.

I resisted too Jay but now I'm corrupted. Just like digital photography
Matt who?
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