Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I'm looking out the windows as the sun goes down sans grey clouds and the plum tree in the front yard explodes in bloom. I realize that yes, I AM coming out of this two month long funk. But who's coming with me? Somebody I have never met in person reached out in email and now I really want to bounce over and give her a hug and bounce back.

I bought a new printer and it's making some very good prints of what I've shot for the last six months and beyond.

I want to meet so many of you people and throw my head back in laughter.

If the planets line up and Matthew Good tours Canada when I'm not in Bolivia I am going to pop over to Toronto to meet peeps over there and party.

Yep, Spring is coming.
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I'm a peep in Toronto!! Yaaaaaaaaaay!
I'm a peep in London!!

Are you bouncing my way?
That's awesome. ZB, the funk always comes to an end. Yay you!
Peep #1!
I wish I was!
Yay me!
i hope the tour happens and comes to TO I want to be there for when you come.

Spring iss coming everyone's feelin good, or SHOULD be feeling good!
I'm in Terrosistville.
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