Monday, February 12, 2007

Whoopdee freeking do!!

Was I one of the very few who thought The Police were way off on the Grammys? Sting seemed to be trying to take charge and it surprised the other two. Maybe rusty, maybe arrogance. The tour will tell.

Bitch slap

Australia's PM tried to slap Presidential candidate Obama by saying that Al Qaeda would celebrate a victory by Obama in the elections.

Obama responded by telling the Aussie Bush kiss-ass PM that if he believed in Bush's Iraq program so much he should send 20,000 Australians to Iraq.

He SHOULD have told him to send 20,000, AND his mama!

I missed the grammys... although I often miss them.

Thanks for the Valentine!! Right on time too!! Your timing is perfect! Thanks you soo much!! :-)
Australia's PM has a terrible retardation. I apologise for him!
OT: Thank you for the card!
They made some good choices this year...
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