Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Oh let me see here,


Sabrina is starting to laugh now. She makes more expressive noises and makes moves towards people.

Conroy is learning his letters and numbers.

I'm getting better at online poker and only play tournaments now. I finished second yesterday out of 90. (play money)

I'm on Lipitor again to battle my cholestorol with chemicals rather than diet and exercise.


Cold, some fog, not much wind or rain.


I play golf. See weather.

yeah chemicals, they have to be good for something, right?
i think you should teach Sabrina online poker and she could teach how to make expressive noises.
Children are such a blessing...
I can give you a list of natural things you can use rather than that crap. Let me know.
Oh and your granddaughter is Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeutiful. :)
My daddy is on lipitor too, and he's lost so much weight since he got on it.
letter numbers AND colors
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