Monday, February 05, 2007

Dreams on acid

I was a bus driver and the only people getting on the bus were Simpsons characters. Burns had a big wad of cash but Barney handed me a bigger wad of cash to pay for him and Bart. Both got change back. We stopped at a place in a mall for breakfast. There were Christmas trees everywhere and I was told that people were dropping them off for a bit and then picking them up later. So I put mine with the others and attached a big label with my name on it right at the tip where the angel should be. But when I came back a few hours later I was bummed to see that somebody had taken it. So I walked around the mall a bit and I saw Tom Hanks walk out of a store dressed like the Lucky Charms leprechaun except for the jacket and the hat. I told him that his outfit looked ridiculous and he said, "I think this out fit looks great", and I replied, "It DOES......on MARS" so he went back into the store and came out with an outfit that was more subdued but still almost as wild but in tones of brown. Then he went downstairs and shot an AT&T commercial in one of those mall baby portrait places. "Did you see my eyes in that shot? Weren't they cool? Kinda CIA/Peter Lorie eyes". I did see his eyes. His pupils were very wide open. Like he had been smoking lots of weed.

There ya go Sabrina. Now please don't do drugs.



actual dream I had last night
i just did a post about dreams too - been having crazy ones lately. well not so much that they're crazy, just a LOT of them recently
You're going to freak her out.

I drink upto 4 Rockstars and I don't get weirdo dreams like this.
that's because you're fried on sugar and caffeine!!
:P Wrong, they're the sugar-free Rockstars
oh that's gotta taste like gag then!
Nope, It's kinda fizzy kool-aid with a sharp after taste.

Lookit me, I'm a connoisseur of energy drinks. O_O
if i get to drive the Simpsons around i'll start smoking weed too.
one time i drank one single can of rockstar at work because the drivers always bring them, and an hour later i was running around making pizzas so fast. i swept the floor like 6 times too
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