Monday, January 01, 2007

Yeah yeah yeah. Happy New Year and all that holiday greeting BS that's finally ending. Of course I like to hear it from you guys and the friends I've met and family but as I told a lady today, I'm ready to puke on December 5th because I've already heard too many holiday greetings from strangers.

As is tradition last night, I watched the ball drop in Times Square then went to bed.

A conclusion I came to this morning at work is that there are way too many staplers in the world that have fallen into the hands of morons. It's some kind of temporary attaching of things power trip and, I would wager, the reason for such a high global divorce rate. The forceful clamping of two objects together with a device, or belief, that wears out.

It's gonna be a fun year kids.

Fasten that belt snugly and keep your arms and legs inside the car at all times while the ride is in motion.

Two songs you'ld dig because I do and my shit is hip:

Thinking About You by Norah Jones
How We Operate by Gomez

love Norah Jones
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