Thursday, January 25, 2007

Under the cover of darkness....

I headed down to the night heart of Vancouver. Granville is lined with clubs and eateries and decorated in neon lip gloss and sexy eyeliner to coax those who seek the hookup and the erasure of dullness that made up their daylight.

A long line of devotees greeted me at the theatre where three men, who were nobodies a short time ago, and are heralded now as the three wise men were to perform.

There was a pretty girl. Blonde hair and understated lipstick. A mere pixie dressed to attract the hoards of potentials. She was face up on the sidewalk as the line passed her by and her friend revealed to attendants that she had indeed had quite a lot to drink but nothing else. The approaching sirens cutting into the hum of traffic and conversation.

The theatre lined with reserved tables welcomed me. A wood floor that would soon be one large trash can beneath me. A performance ensued and sweet smoke rose from the crowd. A sweet figure also rose from the crowd and breasts were revealed to the performers. She rode the wave onto the stage and breasts were revealed to the crowd to much cheering and my yawn.

The show ended and the doorway that led to backstage nirvana was mobbed by hopefuls. One of the evenings performers, a friend, was disappointed because he fell short of having enough clout to get me past the door which was of no great concern to me. Especially when several large security guards rushed through the door to some unseen melee.

The theatre emptied leaving me, a beautiful young lady in a red beret, and her now two suitors, discussing a private party at another club. One suitor was still occupied with the business end of the evening as the other became agitated at what he perceived was the losing of opportunity of his hoped hookup with the lovely nymph.

Outside to the street again and drama across the way as a young woman in fine regalia was pushed out of a club by security loudly while a small crowd awaited their chance to enter. The hot dog vendor and the waiting taxis and the nymph now on her cell phone, most likely with the suitor who remained inside awaiting payment for the evening performance.

I made my leave and fetched the chariot from the nearly empty parking garage and made my way through the dark off streets before reuniting with Granville on the opposite end. I accelerated over the bridge as the bayside houses to my left lay unconcerned with their neighbor who quickly dipped out of my mirrors.

The pretty street. Decked out with an attractive surface of lights and music and aroma. All to conceal the secret social disease just below the surface.

Funny the masks of society.
Great post as usual. Take care bud.
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