Monday, January 01, 2007

People all day ask me, "How are you?", to which I generally respond, "I am". Here are the top ten things I'm going to start using because I'm tired of "I am".

1. Bored with that question
2. Ask your wife
3. I'm happy to not be you
4. I'm best served with red wine
5. I'm hopeful that you're not as stupid as you look
6. I'm very jihady thanks
7. I'm nervous that my boss will find out I'm not wearing underwear
8. Deje de joder cabron
9. I'm chocked full of natural juice and vitamins
10. I'm wondering if you really care how I am

I'm very jihady thank you. Ha ha!

I'm using that for sure.
ZB needs a nap.
Yeah #6 rocks. I always say DISGRUNTLED.

The other best comment for people to say to me is GOOD MORNING. Good morning? What? Fuck you. What is so good about it?
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