Sunday, January 21, 2007

Drove the car down to Bellingham last week. Squeaking breaks had me wondering what kinda room I had on the credit card. $70 later the breaks were cleaned and the oil was changed. All that in only three and a half hours.

During that time I stopped in for breakfast at Denny's. The waitresses there are cloned you know. All plump ladies with pleasant dispositions. Probably two grade schoolers and some variation of boyfriend/spouse back at the small house/trailer.

Then to the mall to watch the walking crowd. Old folks, women walking in pairs (at least one with a stroller) and the odd single. I felt like joining in but walking the opposite way to see if everybody shunned me until one man in tattered clothing asked why I was walking the wheel the wrong way like the scene in Midnight Express.

Luckily for them Target was open. There are three versions of Johnny Cash's greatest hits currently on sale. The millionth version of a Jimi Hendrix's greatest hits CD is also on the shelves and the heart shaped boxes were being put onto shelves.

I pulled into the duty free just south of the border for a bottle of kahlua for my pal Matt Good and the kids at the counter asked where I lived. When I told him BC he asked how long I was out of Canada. I tossed my dip passport on the counter and told him it didn't matter. It confused the poor guy until the older lady behind the counter knodded to him.

My valentines cards have been printed and shipped.

I'm playing buttloads of online poker.

My buddies, Swollen Members, want me to come down to the Commodore on Tuesday night to see them, Helix, and the guys from Trailer Park Boys.

The next day I meet up with Matt to do some in studio photos.

And lots more poker.

That sums up last week and this week.

O_O You know Swollen Members too!?

*dies of jealousy*
there's an extra ticket
Too late, i'm already dead.

No actually I have class and can't weasel out of it last minute... Mayhaps next time if I get more warning?
Vato! Sometimes I wonder about your T.M.I. Someone, somewhere might read this and put dos y dos juntos and follow the path of lease resistance.
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