Friday, January 26, 2007

Being in the studio to watch Matthew Good record is just a thrill beyond words. The man knows what he wants things to sound like and several takes are done and played back and bits from one take are put together with bits from another to get the final sound.

There are times when something is played through and my instinct is to applaud but I don't because I know I'd look like a fool but inside I'm screaming like I do at a concert. The songs are just that good and they're only half finished.

You see Matt above with the three bass guitars that are being used. There is a song where two are used for the different sounds he wants at different times. Maybe even all three. I lose track.

Dinner was on the table in the kitchen area of the studio last night but just waited a bit until the last bit on one take was finished. Another great song was closer to completion when we filed out to the table.

Matt asked what was on TV and then asked to watch the news. The channel was turned to CNN and Larry King was on. After hours of recording amazing sounds and putting it all together all eyes looked to Larry King and his interviewee.....

William Hung.

William Hung of rejected American Idol infamy talking about his new CD.

THAT was profanity. Like a loud fart during some opera solo.

We ate and then we returned to the studio where Matt and the boys continued making what's going to be an amazing CD, without missing a beat. Posted by Picasa

Next time you see him, tell him this superficial faerie thinks he has nice shoes.
yep, and nice glasses too. i love geeks.
Oh man - in the studio with Master are one lucky mofo...I am glad you are appreciating it for what it is...
I have often wondered how ppl sit around in a studio setting with musicians and dont pee in their its cool to hear you just manage to hold back hahaha
Thanks for the excellent photos!
noticed Pat was on drums. wondering if Rich & Christian will be playing with him this time around as well??
Sweet stuff. I can't wait for the new music to slip into my cd drive.
jealousy is an understatment..
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