Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Zona Boy's Psychic Predictions for 2007

England's Prince Philip dies. Queen Elizabeth, as always, fails to reveal any emotion whatsoever but decides to step down and Charles is crowned at King of England. Canada decides against removing the image of Elizabeth from it's currency. There is internal bickering amongst the royalists in Canada but nobody else really gives a shit.

A major sports team is devastated in a plane crash.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie divorce.

Snoop Dogg, for the first time in many years, is not arrested for anything.

Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, realizes the mistake he made by referring to Bush as the devil at the UN, and instead begins referring to Bush as a lesser known satanic personality named Omar.

Tom Cruise ends his "marriage" to Katie Holmes and starts dating Lisa Marie Presley.

Survivor is cancelled once an for all after the death of a contestant.

Two world leaders are assassinated.

Ooooooooooooh sounds scary and interesting all at once!

I love reading your predictions.
What do you predict 2007 will bring me?

I hope for the best but expect the worst.
Cheers to the end of Survivor! The lamest show to ever be produced! *clinks champagne glasses*
Some good predictions here.
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