Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What a cop out. What a big pile of steaming bullshit.

Ten people who qualify more that me for Person Of The Year.

1. The guy lip syncing Cherry Pie on the new XM radio commercial.

2. My granddaughter

3. The first person who can tell me how to turn off this double space crap.

4. UCLA Taser Man

5. The photog who got the shot of Britney's C section scar.

6. That guy downtown handing out sandwiches to the homeless.

7. Jon Lovitz. "Eat STEAK"

8. Keith Olberman

9. The Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest winner

10. The guy who risked robbery, beating, murder, and arrest in order to get to the U.S., find a job, work way too many hours, get paid way too little for it, and live with four or five other guys just like him in a cardboard shack near a small stream in some field so he could send money back to Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, or some other such place, so his family wouldn't starve to death while at the same time being subject to ridicule from people who take what they have way too much for granted. People who look at their immigrant heritage with pride and attend church and pray for God to stop the suffering of the poor people as long as the poor people remain in their own countries and die out of sight and out of mind while they watch Deal, or no Deal on TV.

Time, you blew it. The illegal alien was this year's Man of the Year.

Really, if I was to be the person of the year, I'd want my picture on the magazine cover, not some computer. Not everyone has a computer, and out of those that do, not everyone blogs or spends hours online spreading around videos and pictures and info.

They should have put some sort of reflective mirror surface on the cover, then at least when I look at it I see me.

Horrible marketing ploy.

(Sorry for the rant.)
Wow, I didn't read time. I rarely read glossy magazines at all because I used to spend WAY too much money on them. I am sure they could have come up with a person of the year... or ever a few people of the year.
No John Lovitz "That happened to me NEVAAAAAAAAAH!"
You blew me away with #10.
That would have been my choice for "Person of the Year".
I think I look like a computer in some ways, only less grey.
SOOO many people...hard to pick.
awesome list - i'm still waiting for my beloved 'alien' to become legal... it won't happen in 2006 so here's hoping some time soon in 2007
I stopped reading Time years ago and only occasionally read Newsweek's online edition. This kind of mess makes me glad I don't subscribe. Wow, someone got paid to come up with that.

I might be able to tell you number 3. Maybe. But otherwise, I have too few redeeming qualities to really qualify. I also think Keith O. is the bomb...but I definitely agree more with number 10.

Clearly, Time needs to hire you to work for them and fire the clown that came up with the "You" theme.
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