Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Goodfellas on channel 40? Nope. Seinfeld on 31? Nope. Death of Ford on 18? Nope.

Sci Fi had a documentary on Star Trek fans.

This is what I learned.

A Trekkie is somebody who watched Star Trek when it first came out way back when.

A Trekker is somebody who is a fan of the later series.

Trekkers are considered to be more "active". Hence the verb sounding title. "They are coming along".

Trekkies are more "docile". Interplanetary couch potatoes as it were.

Quote that made it all worth watching. A man in Star Trek garb proudly boasted that "a girl actually came" to one of their Star Trek parties.

There was the woman who is referred to as "Commander" by her co workers at the photocopy place. There were the people who thought the future should follow the blueprint laid out by Roddenberry. There was the Generations actress who enjoyed the drawing a fan sent of her character wearing only a bra and panties and laying on top of another character who was nude. There was the couple who acted like true Klingons in that you show affection to the opposite sex by slapping and wrestling.

I think they, and the actress, fantasize about the day the Star Trek convention is held in a building next to a porn convention.

Live long and prosper.

I had no idea there was a difference.
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