Saturday, December 02, 2006

Saturday, December 31, 2005

Zona Boy's Psychic Predictions for 2006

Angelina tosses Brad. Still possible.

Tens of thousands of Canadians plunge into depression when another U.S. based hockey team, namely the Nashville Predators, wins the Stanley Cup. It wasn't the Predators. It was the Hurricanes which was actually much worse.

The Yankees fail to win the World Series again. Cha CHING!

I will officially be told that I am leaving Canada. Wrong. My tour was extended.

Tony Pierce will find the woman he will marry. (but the marriage won't be in 2006) Still possible.

Canada will lose one of it's most beloved. Still possible. I was thinking Don Cherry.

The U.S. will lose one of it's most hated. Still hoping. I was thinking Dick Chenney

Despite everybody predicting a breakup for Brittany Spears she will announce after the summer that she is pregnant again. So close. She had another kid and now seems to be set on showing everybody just where it came out.

I will have a life altering experience. Kinda sorta. Grampa again and they're living with me.

W's poll numbers will continue to decline even AFTER Bin Laden is located and killed. Numbers went in the toilet. Bin Laden still thought to be alive.

Fidel Castro will die. Still VERY possible.

Stay tuned for 2007 predictions. I'll give you a teaser. The Royals are involved.


Does our old Queen get caught blowing some soldier or something?
you have to be more specific when referring to "old Queen". that could be a LOT of people.
Tell me what 2007 has in store for me oh gifted one. Only the good stuff of course, if you told me any bad stuff my sleeping problem would probably get worse. ;)

Yeah I know it's all about me.

Hope Canada doesn't lose one of it's most beloved. That Don Cherry thing gave me a lump n my throat.
If you predict anything ugly happening on my birthday, please tell me now so I can save up for more beers.
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