Friday, December 15, 2006

For those of you "Santa's good list" people who did not get one, this was my Christmas card this year. Inside was the story of the bad elves who swindled Santa and found their just rewards in shallow graves.

This place is on highway 93 in northwest Arizona between Kingman and Hoover Dam.

Happy Christmas!!!

I was good? Well that's news.

Nahhhhhh...I am always goodish.

Thanks Zona, I love it, it's on my table...with the one other card I got from my bank.
:( i never got a card.
gotta have an address kiddo
Then email me.

I like it!! I never got a card either, but I don't know which address...
That picture is great!
Yay1 I got the card today! Thankies Zona!
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