Sunday, December 31, 2006

For good or for bad, these are the things coming my way in far.

I've been invited down to take pictures, "all the pictures you want", of Matthew Good working in the studio on his next CD.

I travel again in March. Maybe around Arizona, maybe Vegas, maybe Mexico.

I celebrate 25 years of marriage by returning to the scene of the crime, Bolivia, for a month.

My third child graduates high school.

My second child travels to Japan.

My oldest child contemplates giving her marriage another chance.

My youngest child sits back and watches it all go down. (Something I wish I could do)

I make several more attempts at that elusive lottery win.

I contemplate a serious cutback on the amount of Coke I drink and chocolate I eat.

I dive deeply back into black and white photography.

Sounds good! Happy New Year Zona.
happy new year!!!
Happy New Year!!!
Happy New Years!
Happy new year, Zona!
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