Wednesday, November 22, 2006

When most think of Las Vegas they only think of one street that's lit up like Christmas. Las Vegas is a drug dealer that shows you the high and ignores the low. It knows that when you hit the low you will do anything to find the high again. Drug dealers rely on the "come back" and will smile as long as you pay. It turns it's back to you when your hand is empty and you longing is fullest.

I've never felt such a rush as cool as walking away from a table with 200, 300, or 500 dollars in chips. I then run around spending the house money on tee shirts and stuffed animals. I know that I can step up to a table and walk away from more. But when I put money down again and walk away with nothing I know I can wait until midnight when the ATM will ring in the new day by giving me more money.

Some people don't have gambling problems. Gambling problems have THEM.

So when I roll into Vegas I'm always stoked. I'm also ready to spend a certain amount of money and stop. Vegas tables may have taken $150 from me this trip but as I leave and I hear it laughing at me I flip the tables on it. Vegas is like a beggar with a hat on the sidewalk. I tossed some money at it but it's never enough for Vegas. It wants more. To me, Vegas is the junkie.

Vegas. You've destroyed many many people. Familes have split, banks have forclosed, car titles have been cashed in. Too many see you as the answer to their dreams. They see you as the fairy godmother with the stardust wand.

Not me.

I see you as the whore you are. You're money's on the dresser babe. I'm through with you for this go around. I used you again and it was a cheap trick. Posted by Picasa

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