Friday, November 24, 2006

Weekend Hit and Runs

HELL NO I don't shop today.

My left hand smells like turkey stuffing because I make it and snack on it all day while the turkey cooks. The smell lasts a couple of days.

My Christmas cards are being printed as we speak. Eighteen lucky winners will receive them.

I'm giving myself a lap top for Christmas but I won't order it until mid January.

The family will all be together again for Christmas and we're hoping my mom will accept our invitation to fly up.

Saturday is the day when all of the MO RONS travel.

I was just on The Laist and saw a band named "Lost Books of the Bible". What a lame name. So I thought I'd come up with better punk rock band names for y'all.

Shiite Love Song
Irish Winter
Caca Poopoo
The Condom Leaks
Fudge Swirl
Bagdad Boogie
Bag of Bullets

It's snowing here in Vancouver. That SUCKS

I have a headache.

My son fell flat on his back in the street last night ducking a snowball I threw at him. The snowball would have hurt way less if he would have taken it like a man. He nicked me once and I nailed him twice. Just cleared this lady.

Well, my headache WAS going away. Then some guy came up to my booth. One of those people who not only smoke but if you stand next to them you would swear they only exhale into plastic bags full of the clothes they wear.

thanks for the post card. Once again. The funny thing is I bought a bunch of post cards to send to other bloggers in september... they still are in my school clip board. Now its onto Christmas cards!
I loved my Las Vegas postcard. Very cool. Merci beaucoup, Zona Boy
jor welkum
Turkey blessings
Shopping can what till I'm home!
Hey old timer, enjoying the snow?
i LOVE the snow! thanks for the post card!
you two need to drive around the entire lower mainland for two hours.
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