Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Two days off

Several people took the day off after the snowfall claiming that they couldn't get their cars out of their driveways, or had no shovels, or, or. The funny thing is that most of us here have been here in Canada for at least ONE winter and know all about the snow. I busted the balls of one of my co-workers when he came in yesterday. "I shoveled FOUR hours!" he cried. (apply "you can't shit a shitter" here because I lived in Calgary four years and NEVER had to shovel that long to get my car out into the street. in FACT the ONLY time I shoveled for more than ONE hour was the time I helped my boys make a snow fort!) "Don't you drive a full sized Suburban?", asks I. Four hours my ass. The guy only has to put that beast of an SUV in reverse to get out of his driveway. He certainly doesn't have to shovel the whole neighborhood.


Can you ask him if he used a real shovel, or a teaspoon. 4 hours seems ridiculous to say.
Wow four hours? I remember at my parents house it took a good 20-30 mins to clear a good dump off the driveway. Which was also on a slope and wide enough for two vehicles. That seems silly, 4 hours.
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