Friday, November 24, 2006

Thirty days hath.......HEY. Where's September?

It's that time of the year kids. I'm calendar shopping for my Bolivian family. I buy 10 or 12 of the things every year. They really look forward to getting them and it's funny to hear that they tell the wife when she calls, "tell him not to forget about mine".

They tell her that because I don't send them all down at the same time.

Many of you regular readers know of this tradition I have and you know that every year I buy Playboy calendars for my brothers-in-law. That number has dwindled to one this year as one of them has become a devout christian.

So anywho, I only have one Playboy calendar this year and I selected the College Girl edition. Oh boy. As always, and much to the chagrin of my wife, I must open the Playboy calendar to make sure that all twelve months are there. Maybe she gets upset because it's the only calendar that I inspect.

I'm telling you boys and girls that my brother-in-law will be lucky if he gets the month of September this year.

Lol shameless.

I love it.
shame is just a burden I prefer to not carry around
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