Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I know I said that I was retired from concert going but I would consider going to see.....

Joe Jackson
The Isley Brothers
Pat Metheny Group (again)
Steely Dan (again)
Prince (again)
Gwen Stefani
The Black Crows

Hell, LOTS of people have UNretired but trust me. It's a very short list that would get me out again. Then the venue has a lot to do with it. Steely Dan and The Black Crows were in the area lately but they played the Gorge at George in Washington State and I aint driving 5 hours to the middle of nowhere for ANYTHING (except Miss September).

My scanner got the entire picture but my family reads the blog. And don't bother looking for it son because it's been deleted off the disc.

Okay kids, here's the xmas list.


Stalag 17
Midnight Run
Sea of Love
Live and Die in L.A.


Dirty Dozen Brass Band: Voodoo
Joe Krown: Livin Large
Ann Hampton Callaway: Blues in the Night
Gladys Knight: Before Me
Ray Charles and the Count Basie Orchestra: Ray Sings, Basie Swings

miss september is too hot for an autumn month. x
she smokes ANY month. This was one of my fave Playboy shots in a long time. Most are cliche'. She was in a way too but it just worked so fine for her.
Whoa, she is hot...
Two words describe my love for her.

Restraining Order
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