Friday, October 20, 2006

You're damn right I voted
I received my absentee ballot and have filled it in. Now I have to mail it back to the State of Arizona for it to be counted.
Here are some highlights of my vote.
I voted for Democrat candidate Jim Pederson for U.S. Senate. Republican Jon Kyl is the incumbent.
I voted for Democrat candidate Gabrielle Giffords for U.S. Representative in Congress District 8. Jim Kolbe is retiring after many years. Kolbe, a Republican, received my vote many times in the past. He is openly gay and served our district well. Kolbe declined to endorse the Republican candidate.
On some of the ballot measures I voted....
to authorize the sale of $87.7 million in bonds for the acquisition of property, new construction, renovation, furnishing, and equipping of facilities in order to improve Cochise College. Cochise College has campuses in Douglas and Sierra Vista with good programs in agriculture, nursing, and aviation.
to deny bail to persons charged with serious felonies if that person is in the United States illegally.
to declare English as the official language of the State of Arizona.
to authorize cities and towns in Cochise County to incur debt for the purpose of improving public services such as police, fire, emergency, and transportation.
to set aside 694,000 acres of state trust land for conservation.
AGAINST amending the state Constitution to require that only a union between one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage. Same sex marriage is already banned by law. I would like to see that law repealed.
TO RAISE THE MINIMUM WAGE from $5.15 to $6.75 an hour.
to increase the tax on cigarettes to establish an early childhood development health care board.
to make it illegal to to tether or confine a pregnant pig or a calf raised for veal for all or the majority of the day in a manner that prevents the animals from lying down and fully extending it's limbs or turning around freely.
AGAINST conducting elections by through mail in ballots ONLY.
to pretty much ban smoking in all public places. The are exceptions like bars that prohibit the entry of minors and have separate ventilation systems, private residences, tobacco stores, designated hotel/motel rooms, and Native American religious ceremonies.
to RETAIN the current laws regarding state sponsored family literacy programs, state subsidized immigrant and adult education classes, community college and university residency requirements, state sudsidized tuition/fee waivers and financial assistance, and child care assistance.
A yes vote on this measure would make it mandatory to prove citizenship or legal residence to obtain any of these things and would have required state agencies to report any undocumented alien attempting to gain those state benefits. Right now you just have to prove that you reside in the state to obtain these benefits. I believe in education opportunity for ALL residents and health care assistance for ALL children residing in the State of Arizona REGARDLESS of immigration status. We can afford it damnit and it's just the right thing to do.
Here in Canada you have to prove legal status to obtain any of those services. Just so you know. I have to present documentation of legal status to get my kids into school, obtain a driver's license, or get health care.
I voted AGAINST a raise for the State Legislators.
I voted for a one million dollar lottery for voters who vote in primary or general elections. So go vote and you may win!
How did I say "F you W?" I VOTED!!

FYI. I am not a member of any political party
Wide range of views there I have to say.

No party does it for me either. I pretty much am a borderline socialist, but I vote Liberal while back in Canada because:

1. The NDP sucked when they ran B.C. Their solution to every problem is just throw money at it, nevermind the structure not working in the first place.

2. No way I could vote Conservative...they go against all my principles for the most part.
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