Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Two months to Christmas. Whoopdee fucking doo!

I'm reminded of two things I have to do.

1) Buy a "baby's first Christmas" ornament for my Granddaughter who gets yanked out in 6 days.

2) Get off my ass and shoot my Christmas card and get it sent off to everybody on my list that is mainly made up of cool bloggers.

Can you tell that Christmas is a really big deal for me? If it wasn't for my constant desire to crack people up with my Christmas cards I'd have a black leather, stiletto heel clad mistress hold my head under the surface of a bath tub full of eggnog until I stopped struggling.

Hell, that actually sounds fun. Maybe I wish Christmas was more often. Say, once a month?

and this is our second Christmas in blogland. We have to celebrate Zona.
OOOOOH, cards!?
Eggnog is really gross after the first sip, how could you want a whole tubfull?
yeah baby, cards. Vegas trip coming up too.
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