Saturday, October 28, 2006

So I'm listening to WWOZ right? They're just keeping me happy all day and then they cut to a live broadcast of the Voodoo Experience music festival. They did some yesterday and I'm a new fan of one Theresa Anderson and one Kirk Joseph and the Back Yard Groove.

So today they turn me on to a woman with an amazing voice and an amazing talent for playing the fiddle. I mean this voice was HOTT. Her band was so tight with rolling geetar riffs and this woman and her fiddle and her voice. She was HUGE with a presence that flowed out from the cheap computer speakers.

WHO IS THIS? and how can I get a hold of some of that music. Then the announcer breaks in at the end of a song to ID the station and reveal a name.

Amanda Shaw

BAM!! I'm on google. I hit her site and I am BLOWN AWAY




She's sixteen years old. SIX TEEN!! with a voice that's going on 27. I SWEAR to god that you guys have to hear this girl.

She has a CD. I'm so reaching for that cyber wallet.

No wallet for me.

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