Wednesday, October 04, 2006

If God knows what's in the hearts of men it makes him a co-conspirator

A man walks into a Pennsylvania school house and murders innocent children, and then kills himself.

A man walks into a Colorado school house and sexually assaults female hostages, murders one, and then kills himself.

Both men left suicide notes.

So God, if you're in the hearts of all men why didn't you flip the switch on two of them before they decided to send souls your way? Before they decided to break the hearts of others? Hearts that religious men claims you will heal? Tell me why damnit!

Did you know that some people will claim in your name that you must now send the Pennsylvania children to the same lake of fire as their killer because they hadn't taken your son into their hearts?

Did you know that others claim you reward men who leave suicide notes before murdering people with everlasting glory, virgins, and refreshments?

You know, when I was in a law enforcement academy I was taught that I could use a weapon to stop anybody before they killed somebody and the law would absolve me of any wrong doing. They even gave me the gun to use and the bullets to shoot.

I'll lend them to you if it would help.

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