Monday, October 30, 2006

I was waiting for a sunny day to get a picture of the scarlet red leaves on the tree in front of the house. But it got real cold last night and a coating of frost proved to heavy and sent all the leaves silently down to the grass and the driveway.

I could get all philosophical now but I'd rather talk about my grandson and his bah bah's weakness.

He's asleep in the room right next to where I sit typing this but will soon wake up crying. I will be the first to get to him and as I pick him up his world will instantly be alright.

I could get philosophical again but I'll continue about the small one.

He taps his mother's tummy where his sister lies waiting and says "baby". Then he comes over to me and taps my tummy where genetics and years of pizza, m&m's, coca cola, and sugar coated breakfast cereal lie mocking the fad diets, and says "baby". It pleases me to no end.

When he does something wrong like throw the wrong thing, or get overly excited and hit somebody's face, we sit him right down on the spot for a time out. The look on his face instantly tells me that he knows he's done something wrong. It also makes me feel like a heartless bastard and I immediately want to grab him up and plant a forgiveness kiss on his forehead.

But I can't. He has too learn. He has to be raised. He's getting better everyday. He's starting to say more words. On Wednesday his mother will kiss him goodbye and return in a couple of days to show him what he's been tapping on all this time.

He'll still be able to tap on bah bah's "baby" though.

Good luck!!
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