Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Zona Boy reviews the TV series "Deadwood"

I've heard good things about this series from people I would trust not to lead me astray. So when it premiered on the History Channel I gave it a look.

The set is great. The story line is interesting. That's where the good stops for me.

One of the main characters says fuck more than Tony Montana ever did and although I'm no puritan it becomes a distraction.

Another character speaks in a half-assed Shakespearean dialect which is kinda okay if you consider he's a lackey to the f bomber. But for me it becomes annoying.

I think the director used to do soap operas because there was a long scene where f bomber spoke to lackey boy while looking forward when lackey boy was behind him. Kinda "I'm mad at you because you slept with somebody else" style.

The eeriest thing about the show is that a lot of the actors look kinda like other more famous actors. So I was all like, "hey, isn't that...." but no, it wasn't. It's kinda like Saturday Night Live guys impersonating presidents.

Last but not least the disclaimer shpeel between the commercial break and the start of each scene said there was nudity and sexuality and although there's a whole saloon full of hookers not one of them got nekkid. That's false advertising in my book.

I'll give it another try some time.

Tell me what YOU think if you've seen the show.

One of the shows I could never get into...
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