Saturday, September 23, 2006

Weekend Whack (because the mood needs to lighten now)

I have my bi-annual change o' the seasons cold. Starts with the heated ball of thorns feeling in my throat. Then it rattles around in my head before bailing out of my nose. So I stayed home sick and watched the US team get it's ass kicked at the Ryder Cup. (golf)

Soon I will go back down stairs and watch my Arizona Wildcat football team get it's ass kicked by the #2 ranked Southern California Trojans.

Today is one of my other sister's birthday. My older sister. The one who spray painted my birthday cake green on my fourth birthday. I don't remember it. I was way too drunk by the time they brought the cake out.

Well on behalf of all of your coworkers I thank you for not going in adn making them sick!

Feel better Zones.
Ah, the fall cold. My school is starting to sound like a TB ward. I've fought it off so far, but wonder if catching it is inevitable...
Ooh get well soon.

Viruses aren't contagious through computer wires are they, cuz my immune system kind of sucks.
you were way too drunk on your fourth birthday?
uh huh. story, please. :)
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