Sunday, September 17, 2006

These are some of my prized collection of Bolivian hats or "Lluchus" (YOU choose). One day when I return to the States and buy a house I'll have them individually mounted. You have to look hard for good lluchus like these and you're gonna pay at least triple for them versus the junk the tourists buy. Posted by Picasa

Man, I forgot about this blog. The posts are awesome man. I will keep better tabs from here on out.

Take care!
just don't let it happen again or I'll have your phones tapped........again
How expensive are they?
about 5 bucks. wow, that's pretty cheap when you think about it. I could probably get 35 a piece in the right store in London or the US.

The junkie hats go for less that a dollar.

Of course that's cheap to a yanqui
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