Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Some of my son's pics from the road. He's got some good shots. The top shot is the men's room at Garfinkles in Whistler.


Oh indeed?!

Nice blog background.
Zona, I got the postcard of the two children with sacks over their head! What a disturbing and powerful photo. Will look up the photographer.

missy xx
those looked like grown-ups to me
Looks awesome!
that men's room reminds me of the wall inside the Greenhouse studio... haha

nice stuff.
The blog world is a great source of info. There are some free subliminal tools for fear and promoting forgiveness at www.innertalk.com/ They work for me.
I'm damned to hell...nothing to forgive me :P
Ahhh.. to be young and carefree again! They look like they had a great time.
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