Friday, September 22, 2006

My baby sister emailed me to remind me of what happened ten years ago today.

My nephew, Tucker, was born with a heart defect and as the doctors worked to save him my sister realized that there were no pictures of him. So she called me and of course I said yes.

There he was in the pediatric ICU with a tube in his nose and an IV in his arm. He had tiny earphones as lullibys played. My sister took his tiny hand in hers as I shot a dozen or so shots. They ended up being sacred shots because less than an hour later he was gone.

Man, that sucks dude. I am sorry to hear about your loss.
aaawwww shit Zona. that hurts. that just choked me up man...seriously

I have kids and you know how it is...when you hear stories like this it hurts even more.

Blogger Unknown
Oh my Zona. Gawd life is hard.

Only the good die young.
i am so sorry Zona. your little sister went through such pain. and you and the rest of the family of course. does she ever look at the pictures?
i know i wouldn't be able to.
I spoke to her online Chloe and she says she hasn't looked at thn in a while and last time she got them out they were stuck together.

She reminded me that I gave the negs to my mom so I should get those and make another set for her.

I realize now that the post isn't real clear. Tucker lived a few weeks and had gone home with my sister before they suspected something was wrong.

I'll tell you something about my baby sister. She spoke at Tucker's funeral and hers were the only dry eyes in the church at the time. That's how important it was to her to tell us all about her infant son even though she only had him for a short time.
Oh no, I'm sorry to hear such a bad anniversery.
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