Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday. Day off or off day?

It's gray miserable outside and my lower back is gray miserable inside and the pain goes down my right leg. I'm on injured reserve while my fave pain killer has been permanently shelved by my wife because of the rumors and fears of heart attack causing side effects.

So I stick to Bayer aspirin now. I have world class cholesterol levels and my greatest fear is that my heart will explode while I roll on the floor laughing at a great Simpsons moment.

Probably a rerun at that.

I just hope that if that happens one of my kids posts a comment on the blog so you guys will know what happened. Can you imagine that? An obit in a blog comment? How wild would that be?

Not as wild as me writhing in pain and using my last breath to say "I love........oh, tell my blog buddies that I'll miss..........................................................................

But until that day I'll answer a question that Patrick posted in his blog.

What was the worse thing you ever did at work?

It depends on your point of view.

If you're mgt the worse thing I ever did was make decisions based on logical thought processes. I do that a lot.

If you're an outsider it was the time I told a man he couldn't take his new wife into the US until she had the proper paperwork and that it would probably take 6-8 months. Of course that was because their lawyer had given them bad advice. That happens a lot.

"Dan, why did you spit on that man?"

"He's a lawyer."

"Oh, okay. Not a problem. Carry on."

The FUNNIEST thing I ever did was help push start a van with several undocumented El Salvadorans. The driver, once the van had started, asked me what he should do with the van since it wasn't his. I told him to leave it parked on the street in L.A. and the police would contact the owner and tell him where he could pick it up. He shook my hand, thanked me, and drove off.

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