Saturday, September 09, 2006

Dear 9/11

Dear 9/11,

Please forgive me but I am over you. I mourn for those killed but all of your symbolism has been removed forever from my thinking by the actions of those taking your name in vain to promote an agenda of fear. Retired General Wesley Clark said in an interview that we are losing the war on terrorism and Bush and company are not blaming the terrorists as mush as they are blaming the American people. Bush and the boys would toss all those who oppose the war in Bin Laden's camp.

Bush chose a "preemptive" strike in a country that had nothing to do with you. Dwight Eisenhower was given the suggestion to make a preemptive strike against the Soviet Union years ago and he responded that you don't start a war that you don't have too. In fact we know that Bush was planning on invading Iraq even before you happened. He just used you as an excuse.

A few days after you happened Bush vowed to bring Osama to justice. That hasn't happened.

What HAS happened?

Guantanamo. A memo on the use of torture. Not by somebody like Hussein, or Pinochet, or Stalin, but by US Atty General Gonzalez. Abu Ghraib. Faluja. Haditha. The Patriot Act. Illegal monitoring by the NSA.

All in your name.

Let me tell you the level of ridiculous paranoia that those in power have created. I have seen bulletins on guns being disguised as cell phones. I have heard of cell phones being used to detonate bombs. I have heard of cameras disguised as bombs. I have heard of people using cameras to take pictures of intended terrorist targets. I used to be asked by airport security to turn my camera on and even remove the lens so they could see it was actually a camera.

I flew out of a Canadian airport a few days ago. I just had a carry on bag. No checked luggage. In my carry on bag was a cell phone and it's recharger, (wires) as well as my canon digital camera. Security completely ignored those two items and instead removed the two greatest threats in my bag and seized them. What were they? My bottle of shampoo and my toothpaste.

I'm sorry they did this to you.


Do you think the American people are finding all of these ridiculous?

Here in the UK, they are doing the same thing with liquid stuff. Mothers even have to prove that they are not carrying anything suspicious on the milk bottles of their babies by tasting the milk in front of the security??
dear dan,

you are my favourite.

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